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You are looking at your carpet because it has stains, dirt, sand and the look is dirty. You are worried and thinking of a way out to give back its original condition. What would be your first step? Are you prepared to do it through your home technique? It is also possible or you can call a competent carpet cleaning company to do the job. Whatever decision you take in this respect, it is obligatory that you know something about the carpet cleanup process so that it may help you some day in the future.

Let us discuss the household procedure in the first phase. Start the process with a vacuum cleaner. You get varieties of them in the market and recently the robotic type has also been introduced. It sucks up the dirt and the sand and other materials or particles. The stain removal is a critical process which requires efficient technique. Ink stains are removed with lemon, oxalic acid, oil with bread, and other cleaning materials. You get different brands of cleaners in the market for use and some of them work very well. You will have to depend on the advice of the local retailer about the choice of a cleaner. You will have to be careful about any permanent damage which may occur due to the use of these chemicals and that is the biggest hesitation from your side.

Overall, it is better to get the carpet cleaned at fixed intervals by a professional carpet cleaner that knows the job and can address all the problems concerning the carpet. The modern carpet cleaning industry is well equipped with expert professionals who can render satisfactory services with longer and healthier outcome of their activities.

The professional carpet cleaning is performed by adhering to three stages of activities and they are inspection, restoration and certification. There are a few basic cleaning processes which are accepted and practiced by the modern carpet cleaning industry.

Steam carpet cleaning is one that is approved and admired by most of the companies which are accepted world over. It takes help of a detergent type of liquid which is kept for a certain time to do its job on the carpet. The carpet is cleaned by an automatic pressurized device which goes over the carpet and leaves it cleaner. Use of different solutions is made for different types of stains.

Dry cleaning of carpets are done with specific machines which are technically low moisture cleaning. It is performed with dry compounds with other cleaning solutions and can be done very fast. The dry powder is sprinkled on the carpet and it is later brushed clean by commercial devices fitted with vacuum cleaner.

The process of encapsulations has been taken up by the carpet cleaning industry with the help of polymers. This is growing in popularity and is appreciated as a new technology. It requires sophisticated machines and expert operators to do the job perfectly. It gives prompt and faster service than the dry carpet washing system. It is being used both as commercial and residential carpet cleaning solutions.

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