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Carpets add a nice artistic touch to your space. Carpet weaver is not just a simple laborer following a chore of making a piece of fabric for you but an artist who creates unique designs. Carpet weaving has not an art presented by an artisan but has become a full fledged industry today. Indian Carpet industry is completely on the export oriented. While Persian carpets are considered

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Sioux City Carpet 1-888-790-9394

very lavish, plush and beautiful, mogul style carpets created in India are also considered as very elegant and are widely used. Jaipur and Kashmir are known world wide to produce quality rugs and carpets with delicate designs and perfect textures. However, there are some common types based on the material used and the style of weaving of carpets used worldwide. Lets look at a few carpet types:

Woven Carpets:
As the name suggests these carpets are woven in a loom – hand or power using colored yarn. Depending on the design the number of colors in the yarn would change. These carpets take time to complete and can produce complicated patterns and designs. This method is a much elaborated method and produces one of the most expensive types of carpets.

Needlefelt Carpets:
These carpets are proved to be very durable carpets. These carpets are produced using technologically modern methods. Synthetic fibers are drawn together by the way of electrostatic methods to weave these carpets. These carpets are most useful for busy and active places, since they are proved long lasting and cause less wear and tear.

Tufted Carpets:
This is the most common method of weaving carpets worldwide. Where two layers of backing material are used tied to each other for support and their pile is injected in the upper layer of the backing material. These carpets are heavier due to the backing materials and may not offer very complicated designs.

Apart from the loom produced carpets there are a few handmade designed carpets available. Embroidery carpets are created using different type of stitches on linen cloth through either cross stitch method or tent stitch method. These carpets deal in number of topics as far as the design is concerned, there could be floral patterns, or animal patterns or even a story told through the designs. These carpets used to be produced at home by royal women in ancient days. These carpets used to be a exhibition of the women’s artistic skills.

While there are more and more modern colors and designs researched and introducing in carpeting, there are some peculiar designs which are chosen world wide when it comes to carpets. Indian and Pakistani carpets are more commonly adored by floral patterns and floral designs, where the carpets are made to look like flower beds or flowering plants. Even the colors are used peculiarly red and pinks or blues and light blue shades with black lining or bordering. However, you also find some shades of green and grey for the carpets with similar designs. There are some hunting scenes or certain scenes from the Indian epics are also found sometimes.

Carpets add a creative touch to the whole space but they have to match with the feel of the room, or they may end up looking bold and garish. The size of the carpet also has to be considered to avoid making it overpower the space.

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